Bringing together authentic Australian design & emerging New York art.

For our most recent partnership, we've teamed up with famed Australian designers, Barnaby Lane, to offer a thoughtfully curated selection of photography and painting that beautifully complements their sleek, minimalist work. Each artist we've selected has a story, and each piece furthers our shared goals of helping to create your own modern, warm, and well-balanced space.



Renee Phillips is an upbeat, outgoing emerging artist with zero pretension and a passion for art making. She’s the daughter of a scientist and a lover of nature.  When growing up between the South Florida beaches and the Colorado mountains, Renee learned from a young age through hands-on exploration. This interest has translated into her style as a painter. Renee experiments with pigment and paint to manipulate its viscosity, translucency, finish, and hue. She adds multiple layers of paint to her canvases and panels, conducts alchemical experiments on each of them, then removes and rebuilds the layers and manipulates them with wind (through fans) and heat. The process of re-working the paint unveils highly tactile, organic, and seductive surfaces that are incredibly playful, interesting, and attractive.

lucia headshot-1057-2.jpg

Lucia Engstrom is a San Francisco native who left the documentary film world after 12 years to focus on still photography. And that proved to be a good move. Her photography is gorgeous -- it’s captivating, surreal, familiar and seductive, and it adds colorful visual interest to any space.  The most common subjects of Lucia’s work are water and sky. Lucia uses a range of techniques to explore the natural light and it’s changing qualities within those landscapes. In each photo, Lucia’s goal is to capture and exaggerate the ethereal, harsh, and layered properties of light. She works to create a glowing and painterly image that elicits emotion and movement, and she’s done this successfully across a range of works. Those selected here are some of our favorites for their beautiful and ethereal quality.