Photo cred:  Amelie Belanger

Photo cred: Amelie Belanger

Three years ago I founded Mason Lane because blank walls aren’t fun and buying art is tough. I have a background in art and business, a love for design, and a solid track record for effectively servicing clients. Through experiences at institutions like MoMA and Christie’s, among others, I learned that being creative, practical, transparent, and dedicated go a LONG way.  Apparently this is true in the art world and real life, and maintaining these qualities earned me abnormal responsibility at a young age -- I was networking with museum Trustees, flying to international art fairs, and overseeing business development efforts in other countries when “kids” my age were sitting at a desk.  The education this provided in art, business, and strategy were the perfect complement to my art history and economics studies at Williams College, and my Art Business Masters from Sotheby’s Institute.  I consider myself SO lucky to put this all together in one package, helping clients style their walls through Mason Lane.

Besides being obsessed with my job, I’m also into my family.  I live in Brooklyn with my Southern-transplant husband, our two girls, and our cat Baci.  We like food, fresh air, and biking around Brooklyn.



Maddie is Mason Lane's first intern-turned-part-time-turned-full-time employee.  She's a jack of all trades and utilizes her BA in Art History and Communications from UMass Amherst in her diverse roles at the company. These include overseeing client events, building presentations and agreements, managing our database and handling accounting. As our resident Millennial, and with her experience in marketing, PR, and gallery work, Maddie brings a fresh perspective and a welcome optimism to the every day tasks.  She is the best friend you wished you had, a model citizen who makes sure to not use no more than one straw weekly, and an avid supporter of cruelty-free products. When not working, Maddie enjoys anything related to dogs. 



With 12 years of experience in luxury fashion, and beauty, Lisse has helped industry hallmarks like Barneys New York, Bliss, and Supergoop become innovative, remain relevant, and grow. Her creative and thoughtful insight is a clear bi-product of her education in art and interiors from Skidmore College and Suffolk University, and venturing back into the art and design space was a natural (and quite refreshing) move. Lisse is thrilled to oversee Marketing and Brand Development at Mason Lane -- and Mason Lane is thrilled too because life seems meaningless without her. When not doing web development, newsletter design, copywriting, story-boarding, or producing our latest video shoot, Lisse is likely on a beach (with sunscreen) and many a book.



Mason Lane runs smoothly because Melissa keeps it all in check. After 8 years working for international financial firms and bringing little (adorable) humans into the world, she's joined our team to ensure we stay organized, work efficiently, and consistently maintain best business practices. This means database management, weekly reports, client files and more, are her babies.  Melissa earned her BA in Finance and Mass Communications from the University of Florida. She likes design, streamlining things, and wine. Clearly she fits in.  When she's not telling us, “There's a better way to do that”, Melissa is chasing her 3 children (husband included), ordering take out, and/or reading a novel. Goals.