The Biggest Reason Behind Our Recent Growth

Photo cred:  Amelie Belanger

Photo cred: Amelie Belanger

After QUITE a restful weekend, including a 12-hour sleep, I'm riding this GREAT mood and am going to write a few positive words about work, life, balance and Zoloft. 

Six months ago I wrote a super personal piece about getting over postpartum depression. The response was SO nice, and thanks to everyone for reading, responding, or even giving me a high five for writing it. 

In retrospect, I wrote that post just after my youngest turned 1 and I was finally getting the hang of balancing two kids. Half a year later, I'm in such a different place; rather than just managing daily logistics, I'm nicer to myself for making mistakes (like thinking Yom Kippur was Friday and keeping my kid home from school when school was actually open and we're not Jewish -- whoops), and I'm truly able to enjoy time with my girls. I'm completely obsessed with them and I cannot stop smiling when I look at them together. I stay up late looking at family pictures and am prepping to do our annual gallery wall update this month (follow on IG for that play-by-play). 

When I had PPD, I found a ton of Internet resources on the condition and read first hand accounts of other people who felt like I did. I guess it was good to know I wasn't alone, but it was also annoying to not see many accounts of those who were OVER it so I could believe in "healing". I'm not trying to save the PPD world by writing this, but I hope it's helpful or interesting on some level--either for you, someone you know, or even for understanding who I am. Through a combination of therapy, Zoloft (amazing) and time, I totally turned my outlook around and am a grateful, happy, and occasionally-well-rested working mama. 

This new grip on life is the main driver behind the business growth we've seen since the Spring.  I hired my first employee, launched a program for Interior Designers, filmed some videos (coming soon) and gotten great press.  We have big projects in the pipeline and are promoting our refined brand so more people see how we style walls -- because it's all about balance, really -- splurging and saving, being creative and personal, and figuring out solutions that finish each unique space.  So....thanks for all the support, and JOIN THE JOURNEY. Follow our feed, tell your friends, and contact us anytime.  Wall questions and mom vents are welcome anytime.