The Simplest Wall Design Ever

Washi Tape House + Mailbox

Washi Tape House + Mailbox

There is a wall in my home that's about 10 ft long and 4 feet tall. It's adjacent to an under-the-stair space with a vent, which has inevitably become a Nook for our kids' (that I have clearly decked out, and will do a reveal of next week). I've wanted to do something with this wall, both to extend the kids' play area a bit, and to balance out the room.  

Photo cred: Pinterest

Photo cred: Pinterest

Last week I FIGURED IT OUT. Thanks to this gem that I found on Pinterest (above), I was inspired. Now, Googling "house wall decal" and "house stencil" was completely unproductive (and I was later told by a friend/follower/neighbor that the one above seems to be fabric wrapped around nails on the wall, anyways... WHO KNEW?)... BUT, by the combined force of various Pinterest posts, I decided to Washi Tape my wall. 

Washi tape is sold in any craft store, or (obviously) on Amazon.  It's a Japanese masking tape that comes in many colors and patterns,  is reusable, and, relevant for this, it doesn't take paint off a wall. I bought a pack of solid Washi from The Paper Source and got to work that night while my husband asked many questions.

Creating my house on the wall was extremely easy.  I used:

1) Washi Tape

2) A Laser Level 

3) Measuring Tape

Basically, I played connect-the-dot and made 5 dots for the house and 2 for the chimney.  You can eyeball how big or small you want your house, roof, and chimney to be and just note the following:

1) The roof point should be at the midway point between the 2 house walls.

2) The 2 walls should be the same height 

3) The walls should be perpendicular to the floor

4) The chimney should be parallel to the floor



Photo cred:  @aenney04

Photo cred: @aenney04

Well, almost.  I spent way too much time on Pinterest that day and the above photo made me compulsively want to incorporate a three dimensional element. I didn't want a flower box (too big for the space) and ultimately found a mini mailbox on Amazon that was perfect. Since "installing" (i.e. screwing it into the wall) I've been putting letters in it on occasion and popping up the flag accordingly so my girls see it when they come down for breakfast.  I wish letters in a mailbox brought me that much joy. 

And now for my grand finale idea... HOLIDAY DECOR: For Halloween, we are obviously putting a jack-o-lantern in front of this "house".  For Christmas, I'll nail a real wreath onto the facade, for birthdays, a real balloon will be tied to the side, and for Spring, some Washi Tulips will be planted.  The list goes on, and I am oddly excited. 

Anyways, the Washi Tape house is a #win on every level.  I have some clients asking for some specific Washi art in their homes (mostly for kids rooms) and am starting to draft some ideas... HOW exciting. Stay tuned for more pics and let us know your thoughts, questions, and wildest Washi dreams.