The Reason Behind our New Logo that No One Noticed

Last week we made a little logo switch-a-roo that I'm 99% confident no one noticed.   If you did, compliments ARE welcome, but honestly, after our marketing person put the design that I approved up on our site,  I didn't even notice.  I'm guessing you're in that camp.  This is a good thing; my intention was to do something different but keep the brand recognition in tact -- kind of like when your friend gets her lashes done and you can't pinpoint why she just looks good... 

Our first logo, RIP 2014-2017

Our first logo, RIP 2014-2017

Anyways, changing a logo is actually a big deal. There are people who go through this whole brand exploration exercise and conduct hours of research, thought and graphic designing to come up with a selection of potential colors, fonts, and symbols that together communicate your brand message to the masses.  We didn't do that; "brand identity" is a hot topic here at the MaLa HQ and we have a marketing person whose been a critical part of that non-stop convo, so we opted for execution of our updated vision rather than exploration. Here's why we did it and how we've evolved:

The first logo was created when the company was just starting (and was just me) in 2014 and those little curly cues were exactly what I wanted; I thought they looked like the gated driveways leading into my hypothetical future clients' homes. As it turns out, I don't have any clients with gated driveways (largely because I live in New York City, though we do have clients nationwide), but more importantly, Mason Lane is a bit cooler than I expected. The curly cues were "precious", as my branding expert/mom friend pointed out, and that is not an adjective people use to describe me, ever.  

Even though we're dealing with stylistically diverse art and spaces, we do have a visual point of view --  It's an aesthetic that people hire us to execute on their behalf, and in my opinion, it's a cool one. Spaces that we've completed end up being bold but livable, interesting but comfortable, clean and polished.  They have a distinct character to them that highlights our clients' taste and serves repeatedly as a conversation starter. For this reason, we needed to drop the precious little curly cues.  I was actually a fan of keeping the color gradation from that first logo, but I was kindly informed that is "so out", so that's gone too.  

And here we are; Logo 2.0, matching the cool vibe we've grown into and that we create in client spaces every day.  Yes, it is simple, and there were some more complex ones in the running, but this one worked everywhere --- on the website, business cards, with "art advisory services" and without... even on my new branded pop socket that #Maddie got me. (And if #Maddie is a mystery to you, start following our Instastories).  We hope this helps convey who we are to our current and future client base, and PLEASE send us your feedback to confirm that said cool vibe is clearly communicated.