What's On Trend

No shame in the black wall game. Photo cred: One Kings Lane

No shame in the black wall game. Photo cred: One Kings Lane

EVERY week I tell myself I'll write this blog before Sunday night. I never happens. I get why, but it's moderately annoying. I will say, however, that a small part of me likes pumping these out at the 11th hour before my self-imposed Monday deadline; my blogs end up being a totally accurate reflection of my current mood and ideas.  Tonight I'm overwhelmed with my week ahead (including a presentation on Instagram LIVE Monday at 1pm through A Well Designed Business), and so my thoughts are scattered. Accordingly, I'm summing up diverse selection of recent art world trends I've seen. Here we go: 

1) Galleries going out of business. 

This is a sad one for life but not HORRIBLE for my biz. So many brick and mortar art galleries are closing their doors in NYC since rents are high and the gallery model hasn't evolved in the past 50 years; it's still a white cube of a space, showcasing 1/10th of the art it has available in a sterile, often intimidating environment. Prospective buyers are less inclined to go in and buy when they have many seemingly more accessible resources available to them through the Internet. When galleries go away, the art they had in inventory still exists, and thankfully I know where to find it. Being able to show clients pieces that they literally can no longer see coming in off the street boosts my value add, but this is definitely going to shake up the structure of the art market in the long run.

2) Black Walls

I'm a design groupie and I look at pretty interiors (in real life and through photos) often. I've started to see black accent walls that look unexpectedly beautiful and homey.  They make me want to paint SOMETHING black in my all white house (when my husband is away, obviously) to add a different dimension. Stay tuned for how this plays out... 

3) Maple Frames

Frames, just like any other material thing in life, go in and out of style. Slim frames have been favored over gaudi big ones for a few years now, and I'm seeing a lot more slim white-washed maplewood frames that look beautiful. They're warmer than white lacquer gallery frames that are, well, in galleries quite often, and they have a neutral, textural appeal. Fun side fact: getting your art re-framed every few years is an excellent way to freshen up your space.

4) Video Marketing

I am in the process of jumping on this bandwagon (STAY TUNED FOR OUR BRAND VIDEO), but there is a bit of a learning curve involved. Regardless, it's worth it. A video marketing guru who I trust told me that the reach of text-only content is X, photo plus text is X times X, and video is multiples of that. Some people in the art and design industry are doing this amusingly well, and one of my favorite companies to watch that's crushing it is Studio McGee

5) One Kings Lane

I used to buy from OKL often, particularly when I was furnishing our old apartment. The prices seemed a little better than the selection, but back then I seemed to favor function over form (weird).  Anyways, I stopped looking for a while and now I'm back to checking regularly. WHAT HAPPENED?? Their products are gorgeous and their marketing is killing me. I'm seeing their name everywhere and their perfectly curated room pics have become a time suck. I could hang out on their website for a year, and Awesome photographs from the recent Brooklyn Designer Showhouse were even sourced from OKL.  Yes, it's added to my source list from now on. 


AND there you have it; an accurate account of the eclectic thoughts buzzing around my head tonight. This post was actually loads of fun to write, so I'd LOVE some feedback. PRETTY PLEASE give me a comment or a like so I can tailor this going forward.