A Few of Our Favorite Things

When sourcing gifts for other people, I obviously come across things I want too. I imagine this is a common condition (right). It's actually super annoying because I go from being generous-minded to greedy in zero seconds, AND I'm then distracted from the task at hand.  To make me feel a smidge better, I've made a wish list....not because I think these items will appear at my doorstep, but if I can't have any then at least I'll be spreading the wealth about pretty things that would give any home a shot of personality. And a big fat bonus is that I'm sure a ton will be on sale starting December 26th. 


Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 4.20.06 PM.png

1.  Multi-tone Bone Tray from Kathy Kuo Home, a vingette staple. 

2. Stool/Side Table/Drink Holder/Plant Stand Multi-functional bliss. 

3. Ceramic Champagne bucket with leather handles made by a husband and wife duo that I discovered at Field + Supply. 

4. Curved wooden trays because you can't always be square. 

5. Placemats have never excited me before this. 

6 and 12. Are two-material things a thing? Love this concrete and glass vase. AND this teak and glass one. (which comes in various shapes and sizes if you want to get a little nuts). 

7. Gold sculpture that serves no purpose except to look SO pretty on top of some coffee table books, on the floor by your fireplace, or in a styled bookcase situation, which is obviously reason enough to ADD TO CART. 

8. Turn your fruit bowl up ten notches with this vintage copper bowl

9. A cute little pot (plant sold separately).  

10. A cute bigger pot. 

11. Throws make a space OH so cozy, and who doesn't strive to live their coziest life right now?

12. See 6 (above).

13. Another fun functionless scultpure... this one cheaper than the gold, but arguably both have their own decorative perks. 

14. Crate and Barrel occasionally surprises me and this mirror is Example A. We're installing this in a client's home on Thursday so stay tuned for those pics. 

We've been a tad home-obsessed lately BUT 'tis the season. And art + objects go together like pretty things in a home, right?