Our Clients Who Need Help

Photo cred:   Kathy Kuo Home

Photo cred: Kathy Kuo Home

We're working with a few clients who are super stylish in life and kind of sort of in their home; they live in GREAT apartments/houses but there's something unsatisfying about each of their spaces. Yes, their walls need some love and a home without art has no soul blah blah, but realistically, putting something on the walls is not the total answer here -- the answer is curating the space as a WHOLE to make it pretty, organized, and to showcase individual taste. Most of the time these clients have everything they need for that finished look, it's just not put together in the best possible way.  SO, we tweak. And here, we're listing the staple pieces we use. (If you're into it, we MAY even start linking to new pieces we see, sales of great items, and progress reports on our personal home accessory obsessions....because it's all part of giving your home some style, right?)

1. Trays

Trays are great pieces to make a vignette.  They truly make a tabletop look visually interesting and coherent, and there are SO many varieties; metal, wooden, round, rectangle, colorful, organic, Modern, and rustic.  My tip is put a collection of 3 items inside the tray, which should be different heights and shapes --- a pile of coffee table books, a decorative object, and a vase or tall candle, for example -- and voila: pretty, organized and personalized look is achieved.  Pro tip: Gilt Home has tray sales every month or so and so I've been known to go nuts getting a bunch in different materials and sizes that I switch up around the house, which annoys the crap out of my husband but brings me odd amounts of joy.

2. Coffee table books

Good coffee table books does more than create a pretty visual; they actually serve as nice inspiration for you and others in your home. Truth be told, I peruse my coffee table books MAX once a year but I enjoy knowing they're there and having the theoretical opportunity to look at pictures of chic modern interiors, or travel destinations, or natural foods as I please.  And there is a difference in quality -- go for good, pretty coffee table books on subjects that interest you. They serve as yet another way to showcase your taste and make your space yours. 

3. Plants

My resolution for 2017 was to not kill every plant I got, and now that it's December I am HIGH FIVING myself because I own approximately 6 living pieces of flora right now (NOT including a Christmas tree that will hopefully make it to Dec. 25).  And I have to say, they definitely improve the air quality of my home as well as look oh-so-pretty. Specifically, the diverse shades of green, heights, and organic shapes differ from any furnishing or decorative object you can bring in, and they add depth to any space. There were definitely a few of mine that did not make it through the year, but still, I'm a fan. And you know what I'm not a fan of? FAKE PLANTS. Even the good ones. 

4. Throws

By "Throws" I'm referring to pillows and blankets. I love them both. They add a soft, cozy touch to any room. I am, however, the first to admit that throw pillows can be logistically annoying -- sometimes they're actually uncomfortable to sit in front of, but the joy of seeing them everyday in a space unquestionably outweighs the mild irritation of moving them to the side when you actually want to sit. They make a place look welcoming and are a relatively low-cost way to add color and texture. Plus, you can switch them up every so often, and even seasonally if that tickles your fancy.  Buying bright red ones with reindeer for the holidays has been on my WANT list for a while....

 5. Decent Picture Frames

You don’t need to go to Michael Aram but drug and discount store picture frames are terrible value; they are cheap and look cheaper so much so that they can actually detract from the enjoyment of looking at the photos inside. Siena frames are a great option and come in a range of styles and colors. Remember: details matter and this is not your place to save a buck. OH, and let's not forget that by changing your frames you can totally refresh and revamp your space.

The staples above help with those finishing touches, or "moments" as some people who can pull that off may say, that give a space warmth and personality.  They're functionally versatile and easy to get at a range of price points. The best part is that you can get whichever type of these objects YOU like best, so even if everyone in the world read this blog post and went shopping, the results would all be unique. SO get to it. Give your place a little soul or let us bring it out.