Invisible Art

Photo cred: Bernhardt

Photo cred: Bernhardt

On a recent visit to a corporate client’s offices (preparing to get them some art), I took the opportunity to speak with some of their employees. “What do you think about the art currently in the office?” I asked. The universal response: “What art?”

There is a category of art that I call “Invisible Art”. I define it as art that provides no value beyond filling a space. Think chain hotels, select doctor's offices, and furniture ads.  Furniture designers, in particular, LOVE Invisible Art -- it completes their vignette and takes zero attention away from their product. Total win for them.  

However, don’t get Invisible Art for yourself. It can have a magazine-ready appeal, but it gets old really fast. WHOMP.  Plus, it’s a total wasted opportunity! Why have something that your eye skips over and blends into your wall when you could have a piece that actually brings you enjoyment? The best part? There’s not necessarily a big cost difference between Invisible Art and quality art; some Invisible Art is laughably over-priced, and some quality art is a great buy (and investment).  If you’re going to spend money, and you want to like your living or work space, get something that serves a purpose on your wall. 

After getting a few pieces for said corporate client, I've seen the staff have a notably more positive reaction to the space.  Joanne, the Receptionist/Gatekeeper, could not be more psyched. She is truly excited to see the art every day, and she takes clients who have visited the office for years around to see her favorite pieces.