A Place to Chill

The Nook

The Nook

This weekend, I amped up "The Nook" off our kitchen where my girls often play. Though there are a variety of appealing visuals upon entering our home, The Nook is the clear fan favorite. Kids bee-line to it, and adults, with and without kids, tour around the 5 square feet of space every time they visit. What's the big draw? It's so personalized.

The Nook exemplifies the benefits of a place filled with the things you love. And kids don't have to be the only people enjoying this type of space. With some thought, adults can have their own awesome nook (or living room, or whole home) -- one that celebrates personal taste, serves as inspiration, and is simply emotionally comfortable.  

The key to creating this type of space is: 

1) Include a variety of functional and decorative items that speak to you.

2) Keep it organized so you can easily access and enjoy those items. 

I'm going to harp on point #1, and specifically the part about getting some decorative items.  How many people do you know who finish furnishing their home and have blank walls? (Send them our way, si vous plait.)  Getting decorative items tends to come last for most people, and it's seen as an extra rather than a necessary. I get it; I would vote for a couch over wall art too, if I had to choose. But I also don't see wall art, or other decorative accessories, as purely "nice to haves" -- I see these items as key to creating a specific and appealing energy within a space. Without them, a space seems "joyless". 

Art and artistic touches are THE WAY to avoid a joyless situation, whether it's in your home, office, building lobby, or elsewhere. These items add a unique character that speaks to your diverse tastes and celebrates YOU.  Don't be 'That Guy' that lives with blank walls and has a lingering feeling that something in his life is missing. Remember how happy kids act when they're in their element (or, in our case, an under-stair-area), and create that inspirational, satisfying, totally you space for yourself.  Yours doesn't have to have Chinese string lanterns or be free of chocking hazards, it just needs to a place you LOVE to chill.