Three Things an Art Advisor Does

Art selection by Mason Lane; Interior design by  The New Design Project

Art selection by Mason Lane; Interior design by The New Design Project

Art advisory is an unfamiliar industry to many, and there's a misconception that art advisors are only for the ultra wealthy. While every business has its own target and approach, Mason Lane's is to provide practical, objective advice to people who just want their walls to have some character. Here are 3 ways we do this:

1. Assess Current Art + Wall Decor Situation

Often times there's a way to improve the look of (and enjoyment derived from) currently owned pieces. Before getting into any art buying, we consider what you have. With some re-matting, re-framing and a few curatorial tweaks ("hang this there instead", "that ones too high", etc.) we make it look its best. 

2. Increase Transparency

The art market operates with limited transparency, and pricing is always subjective. We provide insight on reliable resources, gallery and artist reputations, comparable pricing, investment potential, and quality to ensure art buyers KNOW what they're putting their money into. This applies to those interested in decorative and/or fine art. We support buying what you love and knowing what you buy. 

3. Save Money, Be Happier

Art advisors obviously cost money, but in the long run, they'll save you cash and get you better art than you otherwise would have found. Good advisors have strong gallery relationships and can often negotiate discounts for the clients, which can offset the Advisory costs. Additionally, we have a trained eye and know quality (i.e. those pieces that will excite you for longer) and can help you avoid buying something you'll get sick of in a year. 

If you're walls are BLAH and finding art has never once been bumped up on your TO DO list, give us a call. Art finishes a home, and a finished home is a total relief.  Check out our services here to see if anything sounds like it may be for you.