Four Good Things I did in 2017

The place I wish I was sitting while writing this blog. Photo courtesy     Kathleen Walsh Interiors. 

The place I wish I was sitting while writing this blog. Photo courtesy  Kathleen Walsh Interiors. 

One of my New Years Resolutions is to not have typical resolutions that make me feel like I suck. Instead of spelling out my shortcomings, I’m identifying what I did right in 2017, personally and professionally, so that I can focus on that in the new year. I'm sharing these insights incase they are helpful to any other entrepreneurs, creatives, or others who may be wondering "what will Katharine do more of in 2018!?" Here's the list:

1. Make a Database.

I had over 2000 pictures of art in my life in disparate locations (digital and hard copy) and after hiring my first employee last year (Maddie!), we now have a constantly growing database of all the art that I like, is collectible, and that that would fit into my target client's life. Every time I put together art recommendations for clients (so every day), I use that database for ideas rather than searching through my phone and files like an idiot. 

2. Get Creative.

I am inherently a creative person, but constantly becoming MORE creative is work... it involves constant looking at spaces, art and objects in person and in photos, reading, and networking. I'm giving myself a pat on the back for growing creatively last year.  Ultimately this translated to helping clients get better styled walls for less money, and by thinking out of the box beyond art, including crafty finds, functional and styled shelving, wallpaper, paint, murals, and creative framing and installs... to quote myself from our homepageanything that makes a space  "balanced, complete, and totally personalized". 

3.  Take time to chill.

Last winter, I took a class at the School of Practical Philosophy. It’s the one that’s free and advertised all over the NYC Subway. Feel free to make fun of me but it was EXCELLENT. The key takeaway was that taking time to relax keeps you fresh and productive. I accordingly relaxed in various ways this year, and whether it was meditating, a mentally consuming workout, or checking out over the holidays, I confirm: it was worth it. I came into work, parenting, and the real world with more ideas, motivation and energy than I have when I attempt to "power through". 

4. Re-style.

Several times this year, I’ve re-styled various parts of my home either by choice or necessity (for  holidays, parties, toddler safety, etc.) and each time I’m glad I did. Moving things around a bit completely amps up the daily enjoyment I get from my home; it’s a visual refresh that has notable emotional benefits. One part of that is enjoying a variety of objects in my home— art, photos, vases, candles, etc.- that are beautiful and/or sentimental— and that for practical reasons are not all out at once. 


And that's a wrap. Cheers to 2018!