What to Know when Painting Your Walls

Image courtesy of Holiday.co.

Image courtesy of Holiday.co.

If you've ever had your walls painted, thought about painting them in the future, or never considered it at all, we've got yo back. Here are a few points to consider that will actually improve your life. Which brings me to point #1: 


The colors of your space have a [silent H]UGE impact on your emotional state; they immediately set the tone for how you feel. Imagine a master bedroom that's a ROYGBIV wonderland or a gym that's a neutral oasis. There will be no restful slumber in the former, and your American Ninja Warrior training would be over in the later.  Conclusion: Care about the wall colors in your space and read on. 


The Benjamin Moore website actually has some 5 star literature on color and emotion. Here are the Cliff's Notes:

Pales - Their light, airy qualities make pale hues feel up-lifting.
Neutrals - It's no surprise that earthy, nuanced colors keep you grounded.
Whites - Pure and pristine, these timeless colors offer a blank canvas to express your style.
Deeps - Bring drama to a room with colors that are rich and mysterious.


Please don't pick one color then have all your walls painted that single color.  That's like just eating rice for the rest of your life.  Diversity is key, both within one space and through separate ones in your home.  A simple pro tip for painting one space is to have your moulding a slightly different color (like a whiter white) than your walls, even if your moulding is boring.  This adds a ton of dimension to your space and makes it feel like a home vs. a jail.  Also, painting some rooms a completely different color adds visual interest and dimension -- bathrooms, foyers, kid rooms and even closets are great places to experiment.  And finally -- and get ready to be BLOWN AWAY -- you don't HAVE to paint the walls one color and your ceiling white. You CAN paint a ceiling with the other color and keep the walls white (see image above). OR, you can do a stripe on the walls. OR, you can paint the walls AND the ceiling all one non-white color.  All of these ideas help create a space that is beautiful, uniquely yours, and (as previously established) key to your emotional wellbeing. 

To make your day even better, this is the friendliest of reminders that we do paint consults TOO. Yes, we can come into your home, get a sense of your goals and budget, then come up with a whole scheme that works for you including color and creative concepts. You are quite welcome and be sure to chime in on Instagram to see some spaces we've done and take inspo from every day.