A Post for Designers Who Like to Finish Projects, Get Them Photographed, and Make Money

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On Friday, we sent out an email all about our trade program, with a bonus related reminder that our class for designers  is next week. If you didn’t get it, sign up here and either way, the play-by-play below shows you, the designer, how we actually help you finish a project and increase your revenue. If you’re not an interior designer, fear not: we work just as frequently with clients directly and this blog post in particular may be more amusing for you. 

Mason Lane Partners: Art Sourcing for Interior Designers. 

Scenario: your client’s space is almost done. The walls are blank and your client doesn’t like the 400 art options you’ve sent over. Shes mentioned just using her existing art in the newly perfect space, causing you to throw up subtly, just a little, in your mouth. 

Mason Lane, to the rescue. 

You call us and send some pictures. We chat about your client’s space, taste and budget, your vision, and what art she’s vetoed to date. 

Within 3 days, we give you 3 new options per space and have a little phone chat to get your feedback. If you like the direction, we finalize the options, adding full details on the piece and a simple blurb with the story about the art and info on pricing and quality—details that help the client feel connected to the piece and good about the spend. 

We can happily arrange viewings of any pieces of interest and always negotiate favorable pricing for art your client wants to buy. You get the invoice directly and add commission if you want. 

And voila: space is done, client is happy, photographer is booked.  You’ve expanded your scope and revenue on the project. #winning. 

The cost of the service is $550/3 options, and getting 3 recs/space works well for most projects. Designers fold this into their design fees so it’s appropriately charged back to the client, as any subcontracted work is. You keep ownership of the client, and if you want any support beyond what’s outlined above (like handling framing and installation), we do that too (for an additional cost). Plus, if you want to refer the client to work directly with us, we obviously can do that too (DUH!) and keep you in the loop as much or little as you want. 

And there you have it. Mason Lane Partners (ie “MLP”) in the flesh. There’s no application required, just let us know what you need.