Our Biz Philosophies

Entire situation for the win. Art: Mason Lane. Photo: Tessa Neustadt

Entire situation for the win. Art: Mason Lane. Photo: Tessa Neustadt

I recently learned through a new favorite podcast that people are increasingly working with and working for companies that represent their values. And vice versa- they’re NOT working with and for those that don’t. This got me thinking (while running in the POURING 2 days ago) what are our values and business philosophies? What does MaLa represent? WELL, here’s what I’ve got in the 3 areas that came to mind first:

Work/Life Balance:

I'm obsessed with my family and their health, safety and happiness always take priority.  Example A: When my girls were babies, I told myself that I would never let work (for another company, at the time) dictate when I stopped breastfeeding; I wanted to make that choice when I/we were ready. And that kind of thinking has stuck... I do what's right for my family whether or not it's convenient to work or other schedules. I will never miss an annual doctor appointment, never miss a Mommy + Baby + New Baby Tuesday (our weekly cooking date), and I try to act in exemplary ways  at work that reflect the collaborative, confidence-building lessons my girls learn in school.  One key lesson I love is that people aren't good or bad, they just make good or poor choices; we can have control over the good or poor choices we make.

Social Media:

Social media is quite an addictive beast. I find it an extremely useful daily exercise (and opportunity) to market information about my business and gauge the response. Likewise, it enables me to see how others are doing it and evaluate their successes and areas for improvement.  This kind of analysis has developed my marketing and communication skills in an incredibly useful way and allowed us to create effective messaging, services, and internal communications. My following is minimal compared to other influencers, but I'm proud that I aim to create content of increased interest to an authentic, engaged, and organically growing audience.  I refuse to mis-represent that interest by buying followers or paying for likes and comments. No judgement to those who do, but it’s important to me that my following and engagement accurately reflect whether my messaging is failing or succeeding and accordingly, how do we improve? (Why isn’t this mainstream!?)

Client Service: 

Poor client service drives me absolutely nuts, so I strive to do the opposite. Having open communication, verbally and reinforced in writing, clarifying a plan and process and setting clear expectations are tactics we execute daily.  Yes, the client is always right, but I believe that when we understand and respect each other as humans, and when we maintain clear communication, we together create a more successful end product. Somewhat relatedly, I also refuse to tell white lies -- to clients, staff, friends, my kids -- they're essentially not worth the effort of keeping up and honesty will always be my one and only approach.  

SO there you have it -- a small and random taste of our business philosophies, values and strategies all wrapped up into one rather cathartic post. And after learning more highly successful entrepreneurs in and outside of the design space, I’m realizing these core principles are KEY to building a strong business, getting through the tricky days, and finding your audience that grows with and supports you.