Our Experience Gift Guide

Clearly everyone and their mother is publishing and swooning over gift guides this time of year. These are fun for the first few minutes and then they’re not when you realize you’re bombarded with 100 things to buy for everyone everywhere. As a general rule, I value experience over materials (which is why we make the experience of making your space more complete so enriching). And bonus point: science agrees; having meaningful experiences with people proves to lead to greater happiness, more memories, and less clutter. On that note, here’s our short and sweet Experience Gift Guide of 2018.

Ring in the holidays with some quality family experiences.

Ring in the holidays with some quality family experiences.

For the Family:

The Bronx Zoo. I know, it’s not summer. BUT THAT’S OK. The off-season zoo scene is great: no crowds, no head exhaustion, and spry psyched lions. We go every year the day after Thanksgiving and it’s a favorite family tradition.

There are a ton of shows in NYC and beyond that are kid friendly and have that memorable Broadway appeal. And while I’m all for wearing jeans everywhere, getting dressed up with your kids — if they’re into it — also ups the ante. My girls put on their party shoes and their excitement is contagious. Here are a few we love: The Nutcracker , Blue Man Group, Aladdin, Frozen The Musical

And a hands-on interactive rec: this parent-child cooking class where you make gingerbread houses in a real cook’s kitchen.

For Your Spouse:

As a working and busy parent I will take quiet and un-rushed conversation as a gift. And sometimes you need a venue for that. A short and sweet gallery hop followed by drinks and a meal is a super easy solution and here’s a great route that checks those boxes. We’ve published it under “family friendly” but GUESS WHAT? It works sans kids too.

*Pro Tip: NYC museums are insanely packed this time of year.

Food-focused alternative: A Couple’s Cooking Class

And if you’re uber cultured: the New York Philharmonic has incredible holiday themed performances that make you remember why this city is really special.

For Yourself:

Do something different, relaxing, and alone. Here’s my favorite city of experience of all time. There are nude models, wine, and jazz music and it feels like something from the 1920s. NO skill required.