My Top Tip for Work/Life "Balance" that I Didn't Discover on the Internet


I follow a ton of bloggers, creatives, and entrepreneurs on The Gram and happily admit that the micro influencer influences me. I read their tips for building a brand, swipe up to get recommended products and like pics about health and wellness that inspire me to embrace kale. That said, I've never read anything helpful about achieving a work/life balance ("taking time for yourself" is stale and irritating). BUT as a non mom or life expert, I'm excited to share my trick that I've realized is the key to my sanity: it's spending one on one time with each of my kids doing a weekly activity (i.e. an art class, a lunch, etc).

Since my 4 year old was born, we've done classes together that have evolved from baby music to nature class and cooking at ICE. With my youngest, we do gymnastics every Friday morning. All of that time is so incredibly special, ENTIRELY worthwhile, different from time with the girls (like our Tuesday cooking night) and family time.

This semester, I didn't plan anything with my 4 year old and it's subconsciously put me in a sour mood since Christmas. It's getting harder to find classes that aren't drop off and that works with both our schedules (4 year-old Brooklynites are busy bees). Plus, aiming to do something special and unique each week doesn't work for me. But those potential excuses kind of suck, and the relationship that I have with my girls is EVERYTHING. I'm making a change and finding a way to keep with the tradition. The tradition may not last forever, but to me, that quality one on one time helps build a unique friendship that is itself a driver for doing something similar in the long term.

SO, now I'm accepting suggestions. What do you do with your kids? What's your key to balance and who votes for more kid QT?