Our OCD and How It Makes Your Life Better

Reed Danziger. Photo courtesy of McKenzie Fine Art

Reed Danziger. Photo courtesy of McKenzie Fine Art

Recently I publicly stated (on Instagram) that I hate computer problems and hired a "tech consultant" to make them go away. Well, I am pleased to report that IT WORKED. Our Techie not only fixed my computer problems, but she also didn't explain the hows or whys to me, so I am elated. The result is that we have a newly organized database that vastly increases our efficiency. Friendly reminder: we charge hourly so when we're super efficient, you, Potential or Existing Client, are saving money left and right. 

Here's why: when you hire us to find you some art, for example, we don't start from a blank slate and go searching around the world looking, charging you all-the-merry-way. NO. Instead, we look at our Database, which is a record of what we've seen and liked to date, and either select art directly from there for a client presentation, or we're prompted to source something else by that artist, from that gallery, or in that style for a particular client project. This saves HOURS of time. 

"Wait, do you just sit at desk and source from your computer all day?" NO, Person who must not know me, I do not.  In fact, I move around a lot -- to client spaces, art fairs, galleries, artist studios, events, kids everything, and I am always snapping pics that annoying saps up my phone battery like nobody's business.  But excitingly, all of these pics now get immediately loaded up into our aptly named album "THE DUMP".  From there, we sort and label and the MAJOR joy is that we don't waste time tracking down a piece we once saw or sourcing art that's horribly wrong for a client's space because all our reference photos for art and client walls are stored and accessible (the key part being accessible, as I have learned). 

Lesson du jour: ORGANIZATION MATTERS --- for our mental sanity and your client experience. It's part of our business that we take pride in because people are hiring us to do something they can't do efficiently and/or well on their own, right? So yes, when you work with us you can expect that from soup to nuts... or more literally from the wall measuring to the viewings to the framing and the install. Cheers to being Type A, and meet my like minded-folk on our new TEAM PAGE, woot woot!