What To Expect When You Work with Us (YAY!)

We pride ourselves on making the process of working together seamless, fulfilling and totally transparent.  And most people don't know what's it's like working with an art advisor. SO, we outline all the steps for our clients in our proposals and contracts.  Our latest addition to those documents is "WHAT TO EXPECT". We've shared it here for your viewing pleasure. 

Jordan Sullivan Photograph, Death Valley

Jordan Sullivan Photograph, Death Valley

Goals: Our goal in every project is to find better pieces than you'd find on your own, and in a more time and cost efficient way. Plus, we make the process more fulfilling by keeping it informative and enjoyable so you’re confident about your purchases. Topics like pricing, quality, framing, resources, and design-related tidbits are always addressed.  

Presentation: Our presentations with clients typically take 45 minutes, and having all decision-makers present is advised but not necessary. We do this in your home, office or another convenient location.  Doing this in person is important so we can explain our recommendations then hear and see what’s resonating with you.

Viewings:  We prefer to accompany you to viewings for a few reasons: first, to make sure you get the most out of the experience by ensuring the gallerist, artist, etc. provide supplementary details about the artwork, artist, materials, gallery, art market etc. that help you really “get” the work and learn something.  Second, because during a viewing, we’ll likely see more than just the targeted piece -- either pieces we ask the gallery to show you or others that happen to be on exhibit, and a conversation about how those would work within your space, taste, and budget is often warranted.

Installations: During installations, we bring our installer to make sure the hardware on the back of the art is right, or change it if needed. This involves a drill and is not a DIY project. In general, we avoid wires because art rarely stays level on a wire, and/or it will lean off the wall at an awkward angle. D-rings and cleats end up being more stable. Next, we advise on precisely where to hang the piece so it looks right relative to everything else in the room. Importantly, walls are rarely level so positioning the art properly is not always obvious to the untrained eye.

Service: We’re obsessed with giving top notch customer service. Feel free to contact us anytime by phone, email or text.  Please note that we sometimes work late, feel inspired at strange hours, and are juggling work and family so don’t be confused if you get emails from us at odd hours. Feel free to respond in the morning. 

AND finally, it's worth repeating: every project is different, and everyone in life is busy. We tweak our process accordingly to make you happy, keeping in mind that end goal of getting pieces that you love into your space.