ICYMI: The Deal with Barnaby Lane x Mason Lane

Lucia Engstrom C-print with Barnaby chairs

Lucia Engstrom C-print with Barnaby chairs

Raise your hand if you saw our announcement on Barnaby Lane x Mason Lane!? And keep it raised if you were excited and confused! WELL, curious and enthused fans, I'm happy provide clarity on how this happened, WHY it's a big dealio, and how it benefits design-istas near and far.  

Barnaby Lane is a ridiculously nice Australian design company that I've had a crush on for years. I found them by Googling "hand made leather dining chair" one fine day years ago and at the time, they were only shipping within Australia. They said they'd come to the US some day, so I kept tabs on them regularly until boom chica bow wow, one day last year they announced it -- they had arrived state side with a limited selection of hand-crafted wood and leather furniture that I want to sit in and look at like nobody's business.


Barnaby was flattered by my stalking skills when I wrote them a congratulatory note on their expansion. And because they weren't yet offering art on the US site and I liked their style, I saw an opportunity.  I proposed that together we mix handmade Australian design with emerging New York art that we could source for exclusive sale on their US site. They were into it, noting that it's weird both our companies have the word "Lane" in it, and we started working.


This partnership is a big deal for Barnaby and us.  For Barnaby, it helps connect them to their new US market, benefiting from offering more pieces with a story that they can cross brand with us.  And for us, the partnership puts our name on a national platform, introducing our story and art that we've endorsed to an audience of design-minded individuals across the country.  WIN. 


The point of a partnership is to offer people something as a package that they wouldn't have otherwise found, according to our marketing master Lisse.  Well, our package is stylish furniture and complementary awesome art -- two items that tend to be sold separately but are needed together (OR the art sold with furniture is appalling).  The pieces we've curated are quite good and priced well, and they go SO PERFECTLY with the Barnaby style. Farewell to worrying about art sourcing after all your furniture is in and your walls remain blank for 2 years... here's a way to get a finished look that has SO much character. 

So check out the collection and enjoy. Throw us a line or even a smiley face emoji for encouragement. We've worked hard on this because we believe it's a great match, and cheers to Aussie design meeting the New York emerging art scene.