Instagram's Choice: Art Sources Under $2k

Image cred: Jenny's Print Shop

Image cred: Jenny's Print Shop

Last week we asked our IG followers -- fellow art + design groupies --  to help us create a list of sources for art under $2k. The responses was AWESOME and it feels warm and fuzzy to create and engage with an IG community. AND now we have over 25 new sources to check out.  I haven't verified pricing on these, but it's exciting to peak at the variety of artists across these pages, creating photography, painting, works on paper from the US and abroad.  The styles also range widely, and not all work for everyone, but hopefully this is the first of many mutually beneficial crowdsourcing attempts, so high five to all. 

HERE'S THE LIST (in no particular order): 

  1. The Mason Lane Shop

  2. print shop by Denise Crew

  3. Jenny’s Print Shop

  4. Tessa Neustadt

  5. Elizabeth Bagwell Studios

  6. Ashley Woodson Bailey

  7. Exhibition A

  8. Norton William

  9. Jessica Dunegan

  10. David Sawyer Sommelier

  11. Sarfraz Art

  12. Jeremy Wagner

  13. Bang-Lessin

  14. Local Trade AZ

  15. Mary Beth Rothman

  16. Maarten Rots

  17. Tamar Zinn


  19. Pamela Viola

  20. Rebecca Stern

  21. Michelle Kole

  22. R Stern Fine Art

  23. Nicole Hatter Contemporary

  24. Kevvon Holt

  25. Tessa Espenlaub

  26. Renee Phillips

  27. Christine Sommerville Art

If you know another source, COMMENT BELOW! List making makes my heart sing AND I'd love to add parts II, III, etc.  HAPPY SOURCING!