Three Art Related Charities That Are Awesome

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The art world can be QUITE diverse; there’s art of VASTLY different quality (think Etsy buys vs. Koons sculptures), insane price ranges ($0 to nearly $500,000,000), and events for everyone vs. exclusive buttoned up affairs. All in all, the art world has a prevailing reputation of being exclusive and expensive. That said, it’s clearly not just that, and today I’d like to point to three arts-related organizations that are supporting awesome charitable causes.

1.  Phillips Auction House: There’s a big auction at Phillips TOMORROW, September 21, called Art for One Drop. I know, I’m giving you no advance notice but welcome to life. This auction looks awesome; notable artists and galleries have donated works so that 100% of sale proceeds go to One Drop. One Drop is a non profit that works to get clean water to kids in poverty. Proceeds from this sale will help transform the lives of more than 200,000 people by 2021 in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia and Paraguay through sustainable access to safe water and sanitation.

2.  RX art 

RxArt is a fast growing non-profit, started in Canada, that commissions big time artists to transform sterile children’s hospitals into “engaging and inspiring places full of beauty, humor and comfort”. And they do it. Artists they’ve gotten include Ed Ruscha, Yayoi Kusama and Keith Haring and literally 100 more, and the spaces are amazing. In addition to transforming the space, Rx creates events and programming around the art, so that kids who are hospital bound have something to be a part of, look forward to, and brighten their day.

3.  Project 2021 is a smaller scale than the first two, but it still deserves a shoutout. This is an online shop that sells unlimited edition prints (ie posters) and directs proceeds to “charities the Trump administration wants to remove”. These include the ACLU, DACA, Everytown, and more. Who DOESN’T love that (38% as of Sept. 16). Some of posters are political (ie cartoons of Trump) and others are neutral, fun, and representing a diverse range of abstraction, landscape, drawings, etc. These can be a great solution for including in a gallery wall, stacking on a picture ledge, or solution for when want a cheap fix that simultaneously checks “buy prints” and “donate to the ACLU” off your To Do list. 

What other art charities do you know!? I’ve had a day so anything uplifting is quite welcome in my life and we’d love to feature more of these.