This Year's ONE Resolution

Project Montreal is a good one.  FULL DEETS HERE .

Project Montreal is a good one. FULL DEETS HERE.

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF RESOLUTION IMPLEMENTATION. For those who have worked out, eaten kale and meditated already today: CONGRATS. I’m not one of you. BUT I do jump onto the New Year’s resolution band wagon and enjoy a fresh opportunity to goal set. And the best news ever is that my ONE resolution of 2019 doesn’t just benefit me — IT CAN HELP YOU! YAY! LET’S DRINK TO THAT! Ew, never mind, I’m off alcohol for a half day — but here it is, my declared resolution of 2019: BE. MORE. BALANCED.

Don’t be sad - this really is a good one. Here’s why: I vow to be more balanced in work, in life, in the way I educate myself about art and design, and in the way I approach each project . The end result? More, better, balanced spaces that marry art and design, saves and splurges, expected with surprises, and good taste with personalized touches. AND WE’LL SHARE IT ALL. So you can learn too, get inspiration, and share the joy of balance.

My biz is not about getting people pricey art that fills a wall. It’s never been about that, and while art advisors tend to focus exclusively on art, we are different. We look at the walls in conjunction with the space, consider art alongside color, texture, objects and more, so that your walls feel harmonious with whatever else is happening in a room. Living (or working) in this kind of space is an experience, and it’s one that has huge emotional benefits. This is why well-designed hotels, or restaurants, or even spas feel special from the minute you walk in— it’s the overall LEWK that includes what’s on the walls and the floors, and how it feels together. Why not live every day with that same warm feeling?

So Happy 2019, World. Let’s keep ourselves on track together so we can learn a lot, feel good, and be the best versions of ourselves.