What I've Learned About Why Art Matters

Since beginning to work with Mason Lane in October, I've started to get why art matters. It's not that I didn't get it beforehand, but I hadn't really thought about it. I have a finance background, love design, and swoon over pretty homes... but I've always gone for a quick fix on the wall thinking that paying any extra money or attention made no marginal difference. After 4 months with this team, I'm a convert! Here's what I've learned about why art matters:

1. It changes the way a space looks. See: Before and Afters.  I know, a big fat DUH right there.  However, I used to think you just needed something to fill a space so it looks complete… that things like furniture and rugs mattered more, and spending more on those items felt more justified.  But the first place your eye goes when you walk into a room is to the walls. And I’m seeing more and more that good art doesn’t just complete the space, it defines it; it enhances colors, styles, themes and overall vibes of a room;  it can give clarity or, when chosen poorly, add clutter and confusion. It completely sets the tone. Now that I’ve gotten a crash course intro to art, I find myself checking out the walls wherever I go, and good art is a game changer.

2. The stories behind art are very cool.  THIS.  This is probably the biggest thing I’ve learned.  Art is so much more alive than it may initially seem.  There’s a sense of pride behind owning actual art that has a story behind it and isn’t just a stock image or a wall filler.  Whether it’s a photograph or painting, low budget or high, the stories help you feel connected to the art, and the space then feels more interesting and personal.

3. Sometimes you need guidance to figure out what you like.  Before working with Mason Lane, I thought I knew the style of art I liked.  And I did. Until I was shown real art pieces in different styles that I just fell in love with.  When you are shown the art world through someone who is knowledgeable and plugged in, it's like a veil is lifted. Suddenly my taste got a lot more discerning.

4.  Nice space + cool stories = happier home.  Living in New York City means our home is on the smaller side, which means there is no dead space!  It took months, even years, to style our home how we wanted. The hardest part? Picking art. Once that final piece came together it brought a new energy to our home. Now we walk in and see art and photos that have meaning to us, that have a story behind them, that make us feel proud...that make our home a happier one.  And when we move to a bigger house one day, our art will come with us and carry our family’s story with it.