Quogue Blogue


Remember when we went out to Quogue to see this new build? Well guess what!? Things have happened since that fine fall day. The house has windows, electricity, and even some walls... [running water is TBD]...and a completion date of April may have been in an email but let's just say May to be safe. We've bought over 15 pieces for this gorgeous Hamptons getaway and wallpaper, art lighting, paint colors and more are all part of the conversation with the clients, designers, and build-team OH MY. Here's the latest. 

Essentially, we measured wood frames when we went out in the fall and figured out priority art locations so the designers could appropriately place lighting and wall switches. The designer, based in Florida, then sends us finalized mood boards and we use those, our space-data and our client's taste to source complementary artworks that balance out the space. This means the art and objects we put on the wall will work with the design, showcase client taste, and feel more interesting than staged, typical beach-house art.  Enter the favorite option here: 

Mike Solomon,  Sparkle  2016

Mike Solomon, Sparkle 2016

This Mike Solomon is made of layers of resin and beeswax and has this layered, glowing appeal. It works well with the house' water view, airy feel, and blue, green, and neutral color palette. 

Loboloup Robots Wallpaper

Loboloup Robots Wallpaper

When we're in on a project early, the walls are a blank slate, and part of making a home interesting is creating spaces with unique vibes...like kid rooms. Here's a Loboloup wallpaper we LOVE that's going in the soon-to-be-big boy's room and everyone involved is a little bit excited.  

St Frank Arrows Indigo Wallpaper

St Frank Arrows Indigo Wallpaper

PLUS wallpaper isn't just for kids. This textured St Frank is going up in the guest room alongside these design elements to create a cozy, warm home for friends during their stay. 

The living room is a big focus since it's large, has a fireplace, and loads of windows. I will be there in my dreams. And clearly the art here needs to be on-brand. It's relatively formal but the clients' are inherently laid back and fun, so the art needs to be too. Here's what we've got: 

Family Room.jpg
Pope Eugene Healy 3.jpg

Eugene Healy, Cape Cod Canal

Paige Follmann,  Figurative Scene Saint Remy

Paige Follmann, Figurative Scene Saint Remy

Holland Cunningham,  Chrystie   65  2018

Holland Cunningham, Chrystie 65 2018

Just as every construction project has it's hiccups/MAJOR stress points, we've got ours here: the LLAMA DRAMA. Basically the playroom is awesome and who doesn't love llamas, so here's the llama that was going to live in there:


And yet, to everyone's surprise the black and white llamas were discontinued last month. "FEAR NOT" we tell ourselves and all concerned parties... more colorful llamas are available for purchase here. Will the clients choose a color? Can the designer digest this change? WILL A LLAMA BE INSTALLED IN APRIL OR MAY OR WHATEVER DATE IT ALL COMES TOGETHER? Stay tuned, eager friends. Time will tell.