The Best + Worst Vendors

Guys: running a biz takes a village, and I’m happy to share my latest secret to life long happiness: VET YOUR VILLAGE.  Make damn sure that they check all the boxes. And before I praise my favorite vendors ever, let’s spell out those boxes: 

  • Provides quality service. Consistently. 

  • Answers the phone. Or email or texts. Supports sending “holding emails” vs going dark. 

  • Is socially normal. “Normal” is really relative to your own frame of reference- your vendor and you need to be operating on the same page socially so you get each other and therefore jive in a professional way. Also, let’s add “does not make client nervous” here just for kicks. 

  • Problem solves. This may be the most important. Mistakes and unforeseeable issues come up and those that raise their hand to help are my people. Those who point fingers are not. 

So for the NY groupies out there, here are our favorite vendors, in no particular order, that make our life better daily: 

  1. World Trade Art Gallery - Framers in Manhattan. Love them. 

  2. KC Arts - Framers in Brooklyn - FAB. 

  3. Alex Deschamps - Trucker + installer who is loved by many. 

  4. Arrow Fine Art - Trucking, storage + installation - always dependable. 

  5. Berry Campbell - Modern + contemporary art gallery.

  6. Denny Dimin Gallery - Emerging art gallery.

  7. Kathryn Markel Fine Arts - Contemporary art gallery *publishes pricing on their website (super useful!)

  8. Sasha Wolf Projects - Photo expert + fun person.

  9. Davidson Gallery - Contemporary art gallery + great people.

  10. Christian Torres - Interiors photographer + cool person. 

  11. Amelie Belanger - Family photographer for your gallery wall needs.

  12. The Print Space - prints all our gallery wall pics on high quality paper.

  13. Swallow Cafe - Coffee shop with strong wifi, backs on the chairs + delicious salads. 


Our Least Faves: 

JK. I'm not that (publicly) negative but let me just say that any inevitable less than blissful experiences only support our interest in operating only with those practicing transparent and ethical business ALL. THE. TIME. That, and they make us grateful for the people we've found who support us in helping people live with what they love. 

Thanks to all our business friends, who have become real live friends. WE LOVE OUR VILLAGE. And side note - we're doing 1:1 designer consults now to help designers navigate this world, vendors and all. So holler if you need some help or just want a friend -- we like those too.