The Deal with 1:1 Designer Consults

Some of you may have seen me on Instagram in fancy headphones talking about our designer consults. First, the headphones are these and they offer better sound/make me feel important, and second, here's what a designer recently said about our consults: 

"I got more out of this 1 hour consult than the countless hours spent trying to source on my own. With Katharine's guidance, I feel SO much more confident about the direction of this project." 

SO what exactly did we chat about? Here's the agenda and a listing of what we provide to help designers best source art for their specific projects:


  • Phone Call Prep: Designer uploads photos into a designated folder so we can be prepared to help.

  • Phone Call #1: 1 Hour

    • Part 1: 
      Review of space and scope relating to photos, aesthetic and budget
      Initial ideas re: scale, placement, and medium

    • Part 2: 
      Review of current art sources
      Overview of how to assess art sources best for your project + identifying reliable options. 
      Specific artists, shops, galleries etc to be recommended.

  • Phone Call #2: 1 Hour

    • Part 1: 
      Review of selected options
      Discussion of presentation format and included information

    • Part 2: 
      Training on how to pitch to client to yield sales
      Negotiating discounts, framing and installation logistics

And to wrap up, heres a sampling of what we provide, depending on designer and project needs:

  1. The best questions to ask art before sourcing art for them

  2. List of appropriate galleries and artists for specific project

  3. Example art budget and how to estimate costs

  4. Example presentation format

  5. Language to use to get clients to buy

  6. Practical tips for the on-site visit

And grand finale, what’s the cost? In the spirit of total transparency, it’s $200/hour phone call. JUST 20 BENJAMINS. Honestly, I consider it professional development for any designer plus a kind of customized support system. So. Simple. So reach out and tell us how we can help - we’re always happy to bend, jump, twist and turn to figure out how to best serve your needs and are always aiming to improve!