4 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day that aren't Brunch

Everyone loves a good brunch AND it's a staple for Mother’s Day, but if you’re seeking an alternative, we’ve got 4.  You can do them anywhere and anytime, but clearly Mother’s Day Weekend is a great time to start:

  1. Go on a picnic. Bring some paper + crayons, and let the kids draw some nature while you chillax.  Bonus: bring paint or ink. The kids can collect leaves and make imprints on paper. Double bonus: bring some bubbly for the grown ups.

  2. Cook with your littles.  Make 2 versions of one dish (we love these smoothie bowls) + have a family taste test! Don’t feel like doing this at home?  Head to a place like Taste Buds Kitchen.  It’s a self-proclaimed “Kids Kitchen” where you can have guided cooking sessions with your kids minus the cleanup AND bring your fave bottle of wine.  How could THAT not be fun…?

  3. Head to a pottery painting spot to make some adorably decorated pottery.  Think: that special coffee mug or a cute little flower pot. DIY alternative: collect some rocks from outside and have your kiddos wash and paint them and...ta-da!  You’ve got some sweet and special paper weights.

  4. Watch a cute family movie that everyone can enjoy. Penguins is in theaters now and heartwarming for every age.  OR you could cozy up at home, do dinner and a movie in jammies, and all go to bed early.  WIN. WIN.