How to Choose: What Kind of Art Goes Where?

When we meet new clients, a top question we get is: do you specialize in painting, photography, or something else? The answer is: we specialize in Modern and Contemporary art across all media -- painting, photography, prints, drawing, sculpture, etc.  The main reason for this is that we are constantly evaluating how art can make a space feel more balanced and complete. Nearly every time, that means mixing it up; too much of one single kind of art is generally a barrier to creating a nice balanced feel. Here’s an analogy: you like avocado, but eating it on toast, with salad, or smooshed into a guacamole is generally more interesting and appealing than eating it raw all the time.

So now that we’re all on board with mixing it up, let’s talk choices. How do you decide which type of art goes where? GLAD YOU ASKED.

Here are some guidelines.

1: Have a mix of the following:

A) pieces that are not framed behind glass (like paintings on canvas).

B) pieces that are framed behind glass (like photographs).  

C) three dimensional pieces (like shelving or sculptures) is a good goal.

2: Put art that absorbs light (like a painting on canvas) on walls exposed to natural light to avoid reflection issues.

3: Consider an accent wall. Wallpaper or paint can help define a space and add visual interest.

4: Best place for big art = large wall + large space (think: living room).

Textured, light absorbing pieces are a better ‘window adjacent pick’ than reflective glass.

Textured, light absorbing pieces are a better ‘window adjacent pick’ than reflective glass.

5: Best place for small art = small wall + large or small space (think: anywhere).

6: Best place for a cluster = large wall + small space (think: hallway)

7: Leave some walls blank. Give everything some room to breathe!

And there you have it, the un-official rules we subconsciously consider every time we see a new space. These can apply to big budgets and small ones, and none of it is law. But, if you’re one of us and enjoy a good instagram design binge, check out the walls in the spaces you’re liking and saving for inspo. I’m guessing some of them MAY be mixing up what’s on their walls and taking a page out of our rule book.