RxArt + The Power of Art to Heal

The team at Mason Lane talks a lot about the value of living with art to make your home feel complete, balanced and personalized, but let’s not forget the positive impact art has to inspire and heal. Art therapy and the healing benefits of art have been proven impactful -- in fact, some doctors in Montreal are prescribing visits to art museums as part of their treatment. It’s part of an interesting pilot project currently underway. Way to go Montreal!!

Of course I don’t need convincing about the benefits of being surrounded by art, but I started to think about it differently when I happened to come across an article about an organization called RxArt about 10 years ago. No joke, I cut it out of the magazine and have saved it since - here’s a link - but no, I’m not throwing out the original.

Here’s the scoop: RxArt is a non-profit dedicated to helping children heal through the power of visual art. They commission site-specific, museum quality artwork in healthcare facilities with the goal of turning sterile spaces into engaging environments for kids. To date they’ve completed over 40-projects across the US. Each project features a leading contemporary artist, is fully unique, and designed for the space with the very clear goal of creating an environment of beauty, humor and comfort.

Here are just a few of their projects, and some of my personal favorites:


Koons’ iconic images covered a CT Scanner and the entire room creating a truly playful bright and cheerful escape.

1 Koons.png


2 Colen.png

Dan Colen covered a massive Activity Center which was one of the most used spaces in the facility. He even hand-painted each piece of rainbow-colored and metallic confetti! It’s so inspiring to see how dedicated the artists are.


Urs Fischer transformed this pediatric inpatient room with his designs which were installed on both the ceilings and walls to truly captivate the patients’ imaginations.

4 Dault a.jpg


Last year RxArt expanded and launched RxArtCanada (!!!!) - and they recently completed their first project here in Toronto. Awesome Canadian artist Julia Dault transformed this space at The Hospital for Sick Children, with the intricate patterns and vibrant colors she’s known for. No doubt she has created a brighter and more inspiring environment for the children in the hospital.

We can’t wait to see what’s next. Check out @rxart and @rxartcanada for updates on their incredible work.

4 Dault b.jpeg