Current Art + Design Obsessions For My House

A favorite part of my job is seeing a ton of beeeeautiful spaces. Whether they are serene or eclectic, full homes or tiny space, each one has its own unique vibe that, when done well, is so aspirational. Hello, #goals. And the not so fun part of my job is when I want IT. ALL.  Soaring ceiling beams in new build beach house? YES. Original architectural details in a renovated iconic brownstone? YES. Million dollar powder room? YES THAT TOO. I’m pretty good at not buying everything I see and going bankrupt, but here are my recent personal favorites that I love, can afford, and am figuring out how to work within my space. I’m planning to incorporate them all in the next 3 months, but my husband has no idea so let’s not tell. 

1: Tech Lighting Viaggio Chandelier

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 3.39.30 PM.png

This is a chandelier that the designer Jenny Garrigues selected for the Project Quogue dining room. I am obsessed with it, and, might I add, the price tag. Given the light fixtures that we’ve seen, $1,000 for a statement chandelier is not shabby.  And while I’m sure I am bringing one of these bad boys home, I am not so sure where it will go yet, but the Master bedroom is top of the list. The ONLY challenge I’m struggling with is do we do 1 or 2 in that room? There are 2 chandelier caps and it’s a relatively long space. Will my husband notice? 

2. Wallpapered Ceilings

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 3.37.00 PM.png

This was something I saw EVERYWHERE at the NJ Designer Show house we participated in this spring. Above is a favorite example by designer Swati Goorha. The color blocking, pattern, and color combos are bliss. I have no place in my home that is remotely similar to this, and nor does the style go along with my current motif, but I am translating the concept into my foyer. It’s a 10x10 ft small mud-room type of space that currently has 2 different wall colors. To clean up the look in this inevitably cluttered zone, I’m doing one wallpaper on every wall and the ceiling. I need to pay a visit to a few wallpaper showrooms, but the current plan is to go with a Phillip Jeffries grasscloth in a warm gray tone. Now Phillip Jeffries does make vinyl grasscloth that seems more durable but I don’t like it as much. DECISIONS, DECISIONS. 

3. Chuck Kelton

Chuck Kelton

I just learned about this artist and am QUITE into him. I see a lot of art, so that statement carries some weight. And it’s also important to note that it’s SO much better in person. Chuck Kelton is a unique kind of photographer. He was in charge of printing photographs by a ton of important photographers for years and became a master of the science of printing -- working with inks and paper fibers, chemicals and light bring out colors, forms and textures that made these pieces incredible. He began his own photography practice on the side, which as developed into a respectable one. Only these aren’t exactly photographs; they are technically called chemogram/photograms and are camera-less works made with light sensative paper, light, and chemistry. Honestly, I don’t fully understand it but I am a fan. The surface texture is like nothing I’ve ever seen -  so soft and intriguing, and the colors and forms are stunning. 

Anyways, I don’t know which I’m buying or where I’m putting it, but some piggy-banked savings are earmarked for a Kelton and I get excited thinking about it. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-23 at 3.41.00 PM.png

4. An Avo Avo Leather Rug
Avo Avo is a company that makes rugs, wall tiles, pillows and other knick knacks that all have a fresh, modern, and interesting appeal. This rug is PERFECT for a sitting room we rarely sit in but we LOOK at it a lot and so it has to look nice. I love the organic shape, the color, and the artsy lines. As an animal lover, I am conflicted. Is it cruel to have a hide rug or are you actually being responsible by using the whole animal? I’m sure Maddie has an opinion, so if you’re reading this, let’s chat offline? But regardless, this gorgeous rug is on my WANT list. 

This list could go on. But it’s a blog post not a novel, and I’m trying to commit to a 10pm bedtime. So that’s it for now but watch IG Stories to see how this plays out.