How We Define Our 'Look'

Today in our marketing meeting, our team discussed the Mason Lane Lewk. A ‘lewk’ is the same as a look (or style), except spelled wrong to emphasize how cool we are. The thing is, the art we source for clients is for THEM to love, not us, so defining said lewk is tricky. And yet, as we said in this stimulating discussion, our team needs to believe in the art and endorse it before even recommending it for purchase. Additionally, when content planning and inspo sharing, there are SO. MANY. options that don’t make the cut because they feel off-brand, or we really don’t deal with vintage, or the amount of color is system overload… and so, as it turns out, we do actually have A Lewk.  But what is it? 

I’ve thought about this question a lot; yes, in reflecting on the discussion, but also by reviewing our portfolio and considering all the regulars in our business. For example: the types of measurements we take to determine scale, the top 3 frames we use on repeat, the install preferences that our guys now know when we walk in the door. Even with the variety of pieces we source for each individual client to help him/her make a space unique, there are constants that shape our Mason Lane aesthetic. Our Lewk, if you will.  Here are some: 



When we measure a wall for art, we don’t measure the actual wall. Instead we measure the largest possible artwork that could go on that wall, including notations about the orientation (vertical, horizontal, or square). One of our key abilities is sourcing art that truly fits a wall. It’s kind of like a tailor who makes clothing fit properly. Proportion is something we know well, and it’s become a hallmark of our style. 



Obviously we source art in every color. But something we always tune into is how color influences the vibe of a room. More color generally creates a more energetic space and less creates a more zen space. Examples include living room and playroom with more colors, and master bedroom with fewer.  We use a few data points (onsite visits, client conversations, etc) to determine the optimal vibe a space needs to have and source art accordingly so the art gives that room the desired and appropriate vibe. 


GalleryWall_Earnhardt_Stairwell2 (1).jpg

Framing is SO. IMPORTANT. It really does make or break a piece in a space, and if you’re spending $x thousand dollars on making your home complete, you don’t want to kill that investment by skimping on the final touches like framing. Every piece is different, but weirdly enough, there’s a core group of 3 frames I recommend more often than not. 

  • Charcoal gray maplewood float frame. This adds a formal feel that’s appropriate for the signature over-the-couch piece. The color complements so many contemporary interiors and the material is textured and polished. 

  • Simply Framed New School Black frame: We love these for gallery walls. All photo and mat sizes are customizable, but a favorite part is the way the glass is set back from the frame face just a smidge for a clean, modern finish.

  • Whitewashed maplewood frame with museum glass: This is great for prints and photography.  It looks much more homey than a lacquer gallery white frame, but the color is so neutral it goes with everything.  “Natural” color feels a bit dated, so this “whitewashed” version is a nice, clean take.  


If you follow us on IG, you know that we adamantly oppose the matchy-matchy strategy. Though we’re also not fans of disagreeable contrast. Art needs to work within a space in a way that the design AND art serve a purpose and add value. That value is lost when everything matches OR mismatches. We pride ourselves on sourcing pieces that make every element of a space look more interesting, but together, they work to create a cohesive space. 

Hendler_Earnhardt_DR (2).jpg

In a nutshell, we find interesting art that balances a room, adds character, and truly finishes the space through appropriate framing and placement. It’s a LEWK I’m proud to adapt to every single client, and one that I believe in, because how else could I share it with clients every day? We’re so excited to keep learning and sharing and STAY TUNED for more ways we’re sharing this LEWK in our upcoming iteration of the SHOP for fall 2019.