Gallery Walls

The Secret Sauce of the Staircase Gallery Wall

The Secret Sauce of the Staircase Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are tough for even the Above Average Joe.  And when the DIY efforts don't look IG-worthy, the whole process is deflating. We know. We've come to the rescue many times while promoting our view that gallery walls are a DDIY (Don't DIY) project. But let's take this one step further and address the STAIRCASE GALLERY WALL. It’s a lil bit daunting. But here’s what you need to know, how to estimate costs, and what you should outsource (and to whom)…

5 Reasons Why November Has Been Awesome


1: Lots of projects are looking VERY good.


2: We sold a Nir Hod piece from our Most Liked IG Post Ever.
This babe is en route to Tribeca.


3: Our Experience Gift Guide is up on the blog.


4: Smitten Films x Mason Lane is here.
Your silver bullet answer to the BEST. GIFT. EVER.


5: This month’s discovery: Lev Khesin
Love the texture, color, and three dimensionality of this new find.

Current Project Run Down For this Pre Holiday Special Moment

Oh HEY, Holiday Rush! It’s been a while. Here’s what we’re working on, art we’re seeing, and how a few projects are really shapin’ up before we sing Jingle Bells into the New Year.

Mother's Day Recap: Where to Put Your "I LOVE YOU MAMA" Drawings

For Mother's Day I received 2 ice cream scoops and 14+ original mixed media artworks done by my two favorite girls. I LOVE THEM ALL, and stay tuned for reviews of each ice cream scoop.  But importantly, what should I do with the art? I'm a fan of editing school year highlights into a nice compact Stockholm box, but I want to see the "Mama I Love You" gifts every day of my life, in an organized and stylized fashion (is that wrong?).  Accordingly, here are a few ways I approve of displaying kids art.