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Designing a Transitional Kids Room

Designing a Transitional Kids Room

Designing a nursery or kids room can be one of the most fun and exciting projects in a house.  After all, you get to let your inner child come out to play! It can also be confusing and jam-packed with questions. How long will my child be in a crib? Do I need a separate changing table with storage? How much play space will he/she need?  WHAT DO I PUT ON THE WALLS?

Current Art + Design Obsessions For My House

Current Art + Design Obsessions For My House

Soaring ceiling beams in new build beach house? YES. Original architectural details in a renovated iconic brownstone? YES. Million dollar powder room? YES THAT TOO. I’m pretty good at not buying everything I see and going bankrupt, but here are my recent personal favorites that I love, can afford, and am figuring out how to work within my space.

Hello Empty Wall

Hi new wall! You have so much potential.

It’s exciting to get in early on a project like this WIP Toronto house. With a blank slate, we want to explore different mediums, proportions, a neutral vs colorful palette… We are getting SO excited that we starting brainstorming ideas.

The best part of getting in early is that we can preserve an “art wall” in this room. Meaning: we have the opportunity to collaborate with the team (architect, contractor and designer) to ensure we have no plugs in the way, no awkward switches or fixtures to work around! Yay for teamwork!

Quogue Blogue

Remember when we went out to Quogue to see this new build? Well guess what!? Things have happened since that fine fall day. The house has windows, electricity, and even some walls... [running water is TBD]...and a completion date of April may have been in an email but let's just say May to be safe.  We've bought over 15 pieces for this gorgeous Hampton getaway and wallpaper, art lighting, paint colors are more are all part of the conversation with the clients, designers, and build-team OH MY.  Here's the latest. 

Where We Wallpapered (and WHY)

Where We Wallpapered (and WHY)

Wallpaper is quite on trend and I’m proud to say Katharine and I got in on that early. Years ago we shared ideas, sources, and [strong] opinions on wallpapering our own homes and I may have gone to some extreme lengths to get the right papers for very specific needs. And it was worth it because good spaces = endless enjoyment.  Here’s the rundown:

5 Reasons Why November Has Been Awesome


1: Lots of projects are looking VERY good.


2: We sold a Nir Hod piece from our Most Liked IG Post Ever.
This babe is en route to Tribeca.


3: Our Experience Gift Guide is up on the blog.


4: Smitten Films x Mason Lane is here.
Your silver bullet answer to the BEST. GIFT. EVER.


5: This month’s discovery: Lev Khesin
Love the texture, color, and three dimensionality of this new find.

Project Hey Hey NJ

Project Hey Hey NJ is a major house project of our summer and progress is happening. Here's the story: Nice couple with cute baby moved to this quaint yet expansive NJ home one year ago…

ICYMI: The Deal with Barnaby Lane x Mason Lane

Raise your hand if you saw our announcement on Barnaby Lane x Mason Lane. And raise your hand if you were excited and confused. WELL, curious enthused fans, I'm happy provide some clarity on how this happened, WHY it's a big dealio and how it benefits people near and far.  

A Post for Designers Who Like to Finish Projects, Get Them Photographed, and Make Money

A Post for Designers Who Like to Finish Projects, Get Them Photographed, and Make Money

On Friday, we sent out an email all about our trade program, with a bonus related reminder that our class for designers  is next week. If you didn’t get it, sign up here and either way, the play-by-play below shows you, the designer, how we actually help you finish a project and increase your revenue. If you’re not an interior designer, fear not: we work just as frequently with clients directly and this blog post in particular may be more amusing for you. 

What's On Trend

EVERY week I tell myself I'll write this blog before Sunday night. I never happens. I get why, but it's moderately annoying. I will say, however, that a small part of me likes pumping these out at the 11th hour before my self-imposed Monday deadline; my blogs end up being a totally accurate reflection of my current mood and ideas.

A Few Ways to Dress Your Walls

A Few Ways to Dress Your Walls

Last week, we spent a morning with Farrow and Ball's color experts in their Flatiron showroom. These ladies are educated in color and their paint and wallcovering products are absolutely stunning. We're excited to be working on a fall collaboration with them (since nice walls and art are like  2 peas in a pod) BUT, before that's revealed, we're rounding up some simple ways to deal with your walls. 

Hey Interior Designers: We heard about your issues...

We work with interior designers ALL THE TIME  sourcing art for their clients. The challenge they all have in common? Assessing art quality and price. 

Fear not, Designers. This week we are QUITE excited to officially launch Mason Lane Partners -- a designer driven program through which you can simply and quickly get vetted art, with talking points, for your clients.

A Place to Chill

This weekend, I amped up "The Nook" off our kitchen where my girls often play. Though there are a variety of appealing visuals upon entering our home, The Nook is the clear fan favorite. Kids bee-line to it, and adults, with and without kids, tour around the 5 square feet of space every time they visit. What's the big draw? It's so personalized.

Three Things an Art Advisor Does

Art advisory is an unfamiliar industry to many, and there's a misconception that art advisors are only for the ultra wealthy. While every business has its own target and approach, Mason Lane's is to provide practical, objective advice to people who just want their walls to have some character. Here are 3 ways we do this...