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Current Art + Design Obsessions For My House

Current Art + Design Obsessions For My House

Soaring ceiling beams in new build beach house? YES. Original architectural details in a renovated iconic brownstone? YES. Million dollar powder room? YES THAT TOO. I’m pretty good at not buying everything I see and going bankrupt, but here are my recent personal favorites that I love, can afford, and am figuring out how to work within my space.

Where We Wallpapered (and WHY)

Where We Wallpapered (and WHY)

Wallpaper is quite on trend and I’m proud to say Katharine and I got in on that early. Years ago we shared ideas, sources, and [strong] opinions on wallpapering our own homes and I may have gone to some extreme lengths to get the right papers for very specific needs. And it was worth it because good spaces = endless enjoyment.  Here’s the rundown:

What I've Learned About Why Art Matters

What I've Learned About Why Art Matters

Since beginning to work with Mason Lane in October, I've started to get why art matters. It's not that I didn't get it beforehand, but I hadn't really thought about it. I have a finance background, love design, and swoon over pretty homes... but I've always gone for a quick fix on the wall thinking that paying any extra money or attention made no marginal difference. After 4 months with this team, I'm a convert! Here's what I've learned about why art matters:

The Secret Sauce of the Staircase Gallery Wall

The Secret Sauce of the Staircase Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are tough for even the Above Average Joe.  And when the DIY efforts don't look IG-worthy, the whole process is deflating. We know. We've come to the rescue many times while promoting our view that gallery walls are a DDIY (Don't DIY) project. But let's take this one step further and address the STAIRCASE GALLERY WALL. It’s a lil bit daunting. But here’s what you need to know, how to estimate costs, and what you should outsource (and to whom)…

5 Reasons Why November Has Been Awesome


1: Lots of projects are looking VERY good.


2: We sold a Nir Hod piece from our Most Liked IG Post Ever.
This babe is en route to Tribeca.


3: Our Experience Gift Guide is up on the blog.


4: Smitten Films x Mason Lane is here.
Your silver bullet answer to the BEST. GIFT. EVER.


5: This month’s discovery: Lev Khesin
Love the texture, color, and three dimensionality of this new find.

Current Project Run Down For this Pre Holiday Special Moment

Oh HEY, Holiday Rush! It’s been a while. Here’s what we’re working on, art we’re seeing, and how a few projects are really shapin’ up before we sing Jingle Bells into the New Year.

Getting Gorgeous, Unique Home Pieces Just Got Easier

Last Friday I went to Field + Supply. It’s a GORGEOUS crafts fair in Kingston, New York at the Hutton Brickyards. There’s a lot to discuss. The location on the Hudson, the bonfires, the smell of bonfires, and the artisanal everything were all simply wonderful. But my favorite news to share is that this fair, and the buzz it has generated, has completely changed the market for beautiful, hand crafted pieces. And finding, owning, and loving them just got easier.

A Lot of Current Projects are Looking Very Good

A Lot of Current Projects are Looking Very Good

Our current projects go through many phases from initial site visits to final installs, and it's rare that we're doing a lot of installs all at once. BUT, that moment has come lots of installs for 3 projects are happening simultaneously. Funnily enough, art installers are ALSO having a moment and my go-tos are all booked/having babies/not available, so this is a new juggle. Not all current installs are necessarily the FINAL situation, but seeing this kind of progress is objectively exciting. Here are the updates: 

Project Hey Hey NJ

Project Hey Hey NJ is a major house project of our summer and progress is happening. Here's the story: Nice couple with cute baby moved to this quaint yet expansive NJ home one year ago…

Why I'm Abnormally Into My Black Couch

Some of you may have been following my couch saga of the past 3 months (I think? Anyone?). Basically my amazing designer friends James and Fanny VERY KINDLY gave me solicited feedback on my kitchen/living space because it didn't feel right to me.  In short…

A Few of Our Favorite Things

A Few of Our Favorite Things

When sourcing gifts for other people, I obviously come across things I want too. I imagine this is a common condition (right). It's actually super annoying because I go from being generous-minded to greedy in zero seconds, AND I'm then distracted from the task at hand.  To make me feel a smidge better, I've made a wish list....

Easy Ways to Prep Your Home This Holiday Season

Two years ago I saw some cute table name cards on Pinterest and decided to make them for Thanksgiving. It was the first year we hosted, and the cards were basically rosemary springs woven through paper  Those stupid things took me so #@!$%%^ long that I just got mad thinking about it

Three Ways to Make Your Current "Art" Look Better

First of all, "ART" is in quotes in the title of this post solely because I'm broadly defining it to mean any sort of framed wall decor (poster, hand-me-down, needlepoint, etc.) that you have, or may consider having, on your wall.  It's NOT a snide way of indicating that these items aren't "real" art; I'm not elitist about the fine art world at ALL and my goal is always to help people spend wisely and to make their walls awesome. 

That said, art that you have already quite possibly isn't living its best life right now; there are often ways to make it look better. Here are a few: 

The Simplest Wall Design Ever

There is a wall in my home that's about 10 ft long and 4 feet tall. It's adjacent to an under-the-stair space with a vent, which has inevitably become a Nook for our kids' (that I have clearly decked out, and will do a reveal of next week). I've wanted to do something with this wall, both to extend the kids' play area a bit, and to balance out the room.