A 4 Second Explanation on How the Art Market Works

A 4 Second Explanation on How the Art Market Works

Buying art it tough. DUH that’s why we have a business. And the main reason WHY it’s tough? THERE ARE TOO MANY OPTIONS. It’s like trying to order on Seamless Web — option overload. One simple way to break it down, and focus on art that’s best suited to your interests (whether you’re buying, looking, sourcing for someone else) is to break it down by market: PRIMARY MARKET and SECONDARY MARKET. Here’s a tutorial:

A Few Artists We've Recently Discovered

Our biz is about matchmaking people with art. And the more art we know about, the better we can matchmake. BUT importantly, I'm picky about what I recommend to clients... I'm hired for my taste, so I have to like an artist's work before even pitching it to a client, and sometimes it takes a lot of looking before finding pieces I like. Here are three new artists I've recently discovered and like. Their work is going right smack into our newly organized database (woot woot!) and you mayyyy see some on a big brick Soho loft wall very soon. 

Emerging Artists I Like

When meeting people for the first time, I sense they think I'm a smidge cooler upon learning that I know up and coming artists. I may be wrong, and for those who think so, feel free to stop reading. If you are in the camp of "WOW, SO DO YOU KNOW A LOT OF EMERGING ARTISTS!???", then I hereby dedicate this post to you.