Tips for Artists Who Enjoy Selling Art

I've recently learned that quite a few artists follow me on Instagram, which is SUCH a fun fact since I thought my following them was one sided.  But considering I have this audience AND an informed point of view on the art buying process , I thought I’d share some unsolicited advice for artists who enjoy selling art.

The Reason Behind our New Logo that No One Noticed

Last week we made a little logo switch-a-roo that I'm 99% confident no one noticed.   If you did, compliments ARE welcome, but honestly, after our marketing person put the design that I approved up on our site,  I didn't even notice.  I'm guessing you're in that camp.  This is a good thing; my intention was to do something different but keep the brand recognition in tact -- kind of like when your friend gets her lashes done and you can't pinpoint why she just looks good...