Project Hey Hey NJ

Project Hey Hey NJ is a major house project of our summer and progress is happening. Here's the story: Nice couple with cute baby moved to this quaint yet expansive NJ home one year ago…

Why I'm Abnormally Into My Black Couch

Some of you may have been following my couch saga of the past 3 months (I think? Anyone?). Basically my amazing designer friends James and Fanny VERY KINDLY gave me solicited feedback on my kitchen/living space because it didn't feel right to me.  In short…

Miami Art Baseling 2016

The Art Basel scene has become so much more than the single fair that started it all. While the surrounding activity is a ton of fun (and this working mama always welcomes a break in South Beach), it’s important to remember the purpose of it all — to connect with an artist, a gallery, and people — let them inspire you and let us appreciate the role culture plays in our lives.