Mother's Day Recap: Where to Put Your "I LOVE YOU MAMA" Drawings

For Mother's Day I received 2 ice cream scoops and 14+ original mixed media artworks done by my two favorite girls. I LOVE THEM ALL, and stay tuned for reviews of each ice cream scoop.  But importantly, what should I do with the art? I'm a fan of editing school year highlights into a nice compact Stockholm box, but I want to see the "Mama I Love You" gifts every day of my life, in an organized and stylized fashion (is that wrong?).  Accordingly, here are a few ways I approve of displaying kids art. 

The Story of a Pic

The Story of a Pic

Does anyone remember me blasting this sunset pic on Instagram circa 2016, then again 3 months ago, then again last month at least 8 times? WELL, loyal followers, the latest update is that IT HAS FOUND ITS HOME! And it's one of our favorite recent installs... here's the story: 

What's On Trend

EVERY week I tell myself I'll write this blog before Sunday night. I never happens. I get why, but it's moderately annoying. I will say, however, that a small part of me likes pumping these out at the 11th hour before my self-imposed Monday deadline; my blogs end up being a totally accurate reflection of my current mood and ideas.

Three Ways to Make Your Current "Art" Look Better

First of all, "ART" is in quotes in the title of this post solely because I'm broadly defining it to mean any sort of framed wall decor (poster, hand-me-down, needlepoint, etc.) that you have, or may consider having, on your wall.  It's NOT a snide way of indicating that these items aren't "real" art; I'm not elitist about the fine art world at ALL and my goal is always to help people spend wisely and to make their walls awesome. 

That said, art that you have already quite possibly isn't living its best life right now; there are often ways to make it look better. Here are a few: