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Designing a Transitional Kids Room

Designing a Transitional Kids Room

Designing a nursery or kids room can be one of the most fun and exciting projects in a house.  After all, you get to let your inner child come out to play! It can also be confusing and jam-packed with questions. How long will my child be in a crib? Do I need a separate changing table with storage? How much play space will he/she need?  WHAT DO I PUT ON THE WALLS?

Current Art + Design Obsessions For My House

Current Art + Design Obsessions For My House

Soaring ceiling beams in new build beach house? YES. Original architectural details in a renovated iconic brownstone? YES. Million dollar powder room? YES THAT TOO. I’m pretty good at not buying everything I see and going bankrupt, but here are my recent personal favorites that I love, can afford, and am figuring out how to work within my space.

Quogue Blogue

Remember when we went out to Quogue to see this new build? Well guess what!? Things have happened since that fine fall day. The house has windows, electricity, and even some walls... [running water is TBD]...and a completion date of April may have been in an email but let's just say May to be safe.  We've bought over 15 pieces for this gorgeous Hampton getaway and wallpaper, art lighting, paint colors are more are all part of the conversation with the clients, designers, and build-team OH MY.  Here's the latest. 

What I've Learned About Why Art Matters

What I've Learned About Why Art Matters

Since beginning to work with Mason Lane in October, I've started to get why art matters. It's not that I didn't get it beforehand, but I hadn't really thought about it. I have a finance background, love design, and swoon over pretty homes... but I've always gone for a quick fix on the wall thinking that paying any extra money or attention made no marginal difference. After 4 months with this team, I'm a convert! Here's what I've learned about why art matters:

5 Reasons Why November Has Been Awesome


1: Lots of projects are looking VERY good.


2: We sold a Nir Hod piece from our Most Liked IG Post Ever.
This babe is en route to Tribeca.


3: Our Experience Gift Guide is up on the blog.


4: Smitten Films x Mason Lane is here.
Your silver bullet answer to the BEST. GIFT. EVER.


5: This month’s discovery: Lev Khesin
Love the texture, color, and three dimensionality of this new find.