A designer friend of ours had just wrapped up furnishing her client's Broadway loft when she brought us in to help with the walls. They were filled with pieces that the client didn't love in places that she felt weren't quite right. Step Numero Uno was to take an inventory of all pieces the client currently owned and devise a game plan for improvement. We came up with a few re-curation schemes and brought in our handy handler to execute.  The fan fave move was turning a giant leaning mirror sideways and hanging it horizontally on the wall behind the dining chandelier. This solved for the issues of how to brighten the dining room AND avoid having art be blocked by the chandelier.


Next we then re-framed some existing pieces that the client had from years ago to make them fit in with the chic decor, and, BONUS, look pricier than they were. In the end, we visited galleries, fairs, and studios and filled in the blank walls with new pieces that are amazingly unexpected-- there's a yellow Ellen Careys photo, a 7 ft. blue Russell Tyler, and a custom Brice Brown tile installation that Brice installed himself for the den.  OH and that crazy thing by the mirror? That's a Lauren Seiden sculpture made of hardened paper and graphite.