The Challenge:

This transplant family came from the faraway land of Manhattan to be one with the Brooklyn movement. They wanted a space that showcased Brooklyn culture without looking like they were trying to do exactly that. Plus the newly finished house was SO. WHITE. So we needed to make it less stark, more homey, and appropriate for the home’s contemporary architectural design. 

THE Solution:

White walls are nice but they actually look less impressive  when they’re all the same. So we offset it with dark painted accent walls, wallpaper scattered selectively, a giant playroom mural, and a diverse selection of art. By “diverse” we mean paintings, photographs, sculptural pieces, works on paper, abstract and representationals, and even some built in shelving with styled objects of sentimental value. Framing was thoughtfully chosen to add formality when appropriate, and to add some impact. And out of all of this, guess the family’s favorite touch??? The giant stairwell gallery wall they see every day and add to annually.