Project Montreal: A Canadian Contemporary Gets Homey

The Challenge:

After 30+ years in a family home, this couple started fresh. They sold their place, de-cluttered their life, and settled into a contemporary home with open space and clean lines. The bare white walls were fun for a minute, but they needed some love to give this place a homey, family feel.

The Solution, Phase 1: Living Spaces

The large space posed an opportunity to give individual rooms their own look, but it had to all work together. We proposed art that related to the home’s minimalist aesthetic. For example, the Melanie Authier selected for the living room has a lot going on, but its muted palette makes it work on the signature wall in that space. And to give that wall some dimension, we layered in a James Carl sculpture that’s made of hand-woven venetian blinds (!).


In the dining room we took inspo from the luxe acrylic table and the notable view outside, incorporating a pair of Pierre Dorion paintings that provide for a nice wow moment.  They’re an unexpected pair and that’s exactly why we (+ said clients) love it.

Finally, we played with color in the kitchen and other living spaces. There’s a Martin Golland and two Francine Savards in the cozier seating areas -- one is a refreshing blast of blue, and the other a series of rectangles with color inspo attributed to Cézanne, perfect for fellow art history buffs.  

Phase 2: Bedrooms and Smaller Spaces

Leftover art wasn’t going to work for the spaces in Phase 2, so we sought out pieces that felt inspired and showcased this couple’s taste for interesting, emerging Canadian artists.  We did a series of Kristiina Lahde paper sculpture photographs in the long low-lit hallway to give it a punch, while the bedroom has a series of Chris Kline canvases (that show better in person). A favorite Francine Savard “X” now lives near the foyer, and the little Jessica Eaton adds a welcome shot of color (plus, how cool?) for an otherwise white space.

While the entire collection is interesting and diverse, the thoughtfully considered blank walls are an important piece of the puzzle -- they give the art a minute to breathe and be appreciated while helping to maintain the home’s clean, fresh look.