The Challenge:

Help two designers who had been awarded rooms at the 2019 Grace's Designer Showhouse get art for their space. These designers design their entire room in a style that's totally theirs because for them, it's an awesome (and charitable) way market themselves So our task? We have to make them look good! The art had to showcase their vision AND check all of the moderately tough boxes below: 

  • Be able to be loaned out for 2 months at no cost

  • Be cost effectively transferred from NYC or elsewhere

  • Work within the size requirements for any given space

  • Be editorial since everything is professionally photographed and submitted for press

  • Be easily installed/de-installed on the required dates

  • Be at an accessible price point since it's all for sale and 15% of proceeds go to The Valerie Fund to help kids with blood disorders

The Solution:

We visited the house with the two designers who asked us for support. That visit made for some fun "BEFORE" pics because the entire place was destroyed 5 years ago in Hurricane Sandy.  Next, we worked our gallery and artist contacts to learn who had work they COULD part with for the project. We created our wish list from 5 different sources, got approval for a selection of them, then incorporated into the designers' mood boards to get their take. There were discussions, tweaks, changes and high fives until we were all on board with the combos, locations, scaling and timelines. Lastly we installed and got to see that beat up Victorian home TOTALLY change like it was an HGTV show (we know you watch those too!). 

Here's what designer Tina Ramchanandi said about working with us on this:

"The art [Mason Lane] picked NAILED it. It totally completed my space and I couldn't be happier." 

THANKS TINA! We love you too.