Upper Wast Side Sunset Living Room

First, it's okay to be wondering "what exactly is art advisory?" The answer is: it's when we help you buy new art for your home (or office, or commercial space). This process starts with a call to discuss your goals, project scope, and next steps. Then we send you a proposal. Upon signing, we visit your space, take photos, chat, and head off to research options that will excite you. We meet again in 2-3 weeks to review recommendations and share the story behind the art, wallpaper, paint, and other creative concepts we've brewed up just for you. If you like, we'll take you to galleries, studios and more to see your top options in person. Next, we negotiate pricing on those you'd like to buy, and finally we oversee the packing, transport, framing and installation, so you get to come home to a refreshed space without dealing with logistics. We do this for clients near and far, and topics like pricing, quality, resources and taste are always addressed.


GalleryWall_Pope-PR (1).jpg

Who doesn't love a wall of family photos? These are a fan-favorite because they celebrate LOVE. They also happen to be a terrible DIY. That’s where we come in! We make your life easier by creating a gallery wall efficiently and professionally so you can just enjoy the finished product. The process starts with a phone call about project scope, and then we send a proposal. Upon signing, we visit your space to take photos and get measurements. In approximately two weeks we'll send you a plan for recommended frames and template options. You choose your favorites and we tell you how many photos (and what orientation) to upload into our secure folder. We get all pictures cropped as needed, printed and framed. We then come to you with our installer. You come home and pop open the bubbly to enjoy the finished look.



The art currently on your walls may be underwhelming. We make it look better. Once again this process starts with a call discussing project scope. We send over a proposal and upon signing, we come for a visit. We take an inventory of your art and space, the set up a call in ~2 weeks to discuss our plan for improvement. The plan considers artwork locations, hanging heights, matting and framing. With your approval, we execute and POOF -- the previously underwhelming art suddenly has new life.

Styled Dining Nook


We can also call this one "cosmetic design guidance". And we do this in conjunction with the services above. If you need to build a house, renovate or do something involving large machinery, we're not your girl(s). But if you'd like to make your space feel balanced, complete, and totally personalized, sign us up. We take pride in sourcing artful accents, editing floor plans, and even bringing in our trusted organizer to let you and your space live your best life. Together.


If you love your kids AND design, GIVE US A RING. Kids spaces are so much fun. Per usual, we have a call, send a proposal, and visit your space. We hear your wants, your kids' hopes and dreams, and determine how to marry all of the above with functional needs. This process can involve room planning, storage solutions, staging craft and play areas, and of course wall-styling.

Hampton's Children's Room


Let me guess: your goal is to not offend anyone but create a unique and on-brand wall situation. Yes, we can do that. We start with a call, followed by a proposal that includes a path to success based on your company's specific needs, decision-making team, timeline and budget. We present you with tailored recommendations that tie back to your goal and arrange viewings of artworks of interest upon request. We negotiate pricing, oversee packing, shipping, framing and installation as needed, and make your space one for clients and employees to connect with and enjoy.