We help you style walls with art and more. From providing guidance on fine art investing to creatively using crafty finds, functional accents, gallery walls, paint, murals and wallpaper, we develop a scheme to fit your taste, space and budget. We take you to see pieces, get you favorable pricing, and handle transport, framing, and installation. Hot topics like pricing, quality, resources, and taste are always addressed. 

ADDED BONUS: We do this for clients near and far. 


The art currently on your walls may be underwhelming. We make it look better. By taking an inventory of your art and space, we play musical chairs, and come up with a plan for improvement. The plan considers artwork locations, hanging heights, matting and framing. With your approval, we execute and POOF -- the previously underwhelming art suddenly has a new life. We also know that fundamental to any new art aquisition or redesign is making sure it all looks great together. We style your space so you come back to enjoy a newly curated home with pieces that you love. 



Whether you're moving into a new place or sick of the walls in your old one, we can help. This is a one day service through which we come into your space and share our pro tips. These include: "put this art here," "this needs a frame," and "no, a gallery wall won't work there." We'll explain all recommendations and have our installer on site to make any immediate changes, leaving you with a kind of blue print for what to do to improve your space. This service can always be extended if you want further guidance on styling your walls.